Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never Say Never

Hollow box Steel string Union made Let freedom ring Me and my people are hungry Me and my people are through Me and my people are ready Me and my people are just about due I'm a massive air strike on a beautiful night Yeah this is my song I'm singin Somebody better start countin We're comin out and we're comin Out swinging

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The end of Sunnyside Drive, cathartic as it's been...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

102 Flavors of Doritos

1 Atomic Chile Limon

2 Bacon - Mmm, can't go wrong.

3 Baja Picante

4 Black Pepper Jack

5 Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch - One of my favorite flavor combos in the world.

6 Blazin' Buffalo Rush

7 Blazin' Jalapeno

8 Butter and Soy Sauce - Not a combo I'm used to.

9 Cheese and Almond

10 Cheese Supreme

11 Cheeseburger - These are killer.

12 Cheesy Enchilada/Sour Cream

13 Chicken Sizzler/Zesty Salsa

14 Chilli Cheese

15 Chilli Heatwave

16 Coconut Curry - Meh.

17 Cool American - Must be based on me.

18 Cooler Ranch

19 Corn Soup - Mmm, looks like barf.

20 Crispy Salmon - Overcooked?

21 Fiery Buffalo

22 Fiery Habanero

23 Fish Taco - The picture looks like a beef taco.

24 Fondue

25 Four Cheese!

26 Fresh Basil And Smoked Fresh Italian Ham - Sounds good.

27 Fried Chicken - What no waffles?

28 Garlic

29 Gold Peking Duck - Sounds pretty good. Though, I don't think I've ever really had good duck.

30 Gourmet Fried Chicken and Green Onion Sauce

31 Gourmet Sausage - Yes please.

32 Guacamole!

33 Habañero/Guacamole

34 Ham and Cheese Croque Monsieur Pizza

35 Heart Shaped - A slightly sweet cheese flavor.

36 Hot Wings/Blue Cheese - Another awesome flavor combo.

37 Italian Seafood

38 Italiano Tomato and Cheese

39 Jalapeño and Cheddar

40 Ketchup - I understand this flavor with potato chips, but not corn chips.

41 Kickin' Chili

42 Mexican Hot

43 Mexicana

44 Mr. Dragon's Fire Chips

45 Nacho Cheese

46 Nacho Italiano

47 Natural White Nacho Cheese

48 Olive - This could be good, if it is an olive oil type taste.

49 Original Taco

50 Pizza Cravers/Ranch

51 Pizza Supreme

52 Pizza-La

53 Pizza-La Curry Monterey

54 Poppin' Jalapeno

55 Queijo Nacho

56 Queso Grande

57 Ranchero

58 Rings Grill Flavor - ?

59 Roasted Turkey

60 Rock Taco - Mmm, I love gravel in my tacos.

61 Roe and Mayonnaise - I just retched.

62 Salsa Verde! - Why did they get rid of these?

63 Salsa!

64 Salty

65 Sausage and Beer - Nice

66 Savory Butter - I bet my mom would like these.

67 Scorchin' Habanero

68 Scream Cheese

69 Seaweed

70 Sesame Chicken

71 Shrimp Mayo - Really Japan?

72 Sizzlin' Picante

73 Smokin' Cheddar BBQ

74 Sonic Sour Cream

75 Sour Cream and Mild Chilli

76 Sour Cream and Onion

77 Spice 2.0

78 Spicier Nacho!

79 Spicy Sausage

80 Spicy Sweet Chili - Them are good.

81 Stadium Nacho

82 Steak - Yes please.

83 Stir Fry

84 Tacos at Midnight

85 Tailgater BBQ

86 Tandoori Sizzler

87 Teriyaki

88 Teriyaki Chicken

89 Tex-Mex

90 Texas Paprika Flavor

91 Tomato and Onion Salad

92 Tuna Mayo

93 Wasabi

94 Wasabi Mayo

95 Wild White Nacho Tortilla Chips

96 Winter Cheese

97 Winter Crab

98 Yogurt and Mint

99 Yuzu

100 Zesty Ranch

101 Zesty Sour Cream and Cheddar

102 Zesty Taco/Chipotle Ranch

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Joe Strummer Day...Let's Go Burnin' Down the Road

Back in the day
Even circles were squares
Radio waves
Move like pollen in air

When there ain't no water
And there ain't no trees
Just a dry wind singing
Through the telegraph keys

And generations
Leave resonations
From demonstrations
To all the destinations

Let's go burnin' down the road
Let's go burnin' down the road

Bright in the city
Wars spread in the world
You're out buying pajamas
For your four year old girl

Cheap on the rack
Feel like dirt
Oh do you feel like dirt
Cos you can see into the shaft
But it's self-assured

And generations
Leave resonations
From demonstrations
To all the decimations

Let's go burnin' down the road

Back in the day

And generations
Leave resonations
From demonstrations
To all the decimations

Let's go burnin' down the road
Let's go burnin' down the road

Let's go break down the walls
(???) together

Let's go burnin' down the road
Let's go burnin' down the road

Ad lib lyrics